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July 25, 2008

Luddee: Sup, folks? Here we are once again with Silsila Jahilliya!

Nadhi: How is everybody doing!?

Brother Hasnaad: I am doing very good today. It is fantastic day for government and peoples of Pakistan, let me tell you.

Luddee: Oh, what fantastic story do you have to tell us now?

Brother Hasnaad: Well bajis, what do you know about justice in Pakistan? If so, tell me also!

Luddee: Nothing. Have you heard of it Nadhi? If so, tell me also!

Nadhi: Oh very funny! But I have to admit it’s pretty bad here.

Brother Hasnaad: But that is why I am feeling happy! You know the government department called National Accountability Bureau?

Luddee: You mean the department they made to get rid of corruption?

Nadhi: Hay Allah did they finally convict someone? Itnee guts hain!?

Brother Hasnaad: No it is better; they carried out justice on a corrupt one! They captured and punished him!

Nadhi: Masha’allah! Things are finally changing in Pakistan. I knew democracy would work here. See, see Luddee!? I told youuuuu!

Luddee: Hold your horses Nadhi. He said they didn’t convict him, but captured and punished him. What happened to due process of the law?

Brother Hasnaad: Baji baji baji, debate detail delay!

Luddee: Argue the details later, you mean?

Brother Hasnaad: Yes. Because they captured big corrupt man and they punished him severely, but Supreme Court judge condemned the NAB peoples.

Nadhi: What! Why!?

Luddee: Aha! You and your crappy countrty! I told youuuuuu!

Brother Hasnaad: But he was corrupt!

Nadhi: Hay mayray khudaya! I agree with Brother Hasnaad on this point. People are so corrupt here. Maybe a little harshness is needed. This will put fear in the corrupt officials’ minds.

Brother Hasnaad: Yes! Now you are getting it, Nadho baji! In the interest of justice, the National Accountability Bureau agents gave him a beating without waiting for warrant. First world country like USA does it, Luddee baji!

Luddee: We never do that here!

Nadhi: Yes you do! The attack on Iraq was unwarranted!

Luddee: That’s not the same thing as “withouth a warrant”!!! Oh nevermind. Back to the story: why did the highest court in the land get directly involved over that?

Brother Hasnaad: Because he was beaten in the best place for giving justice to miscreants in our society.

Nadhi: Where?

Brother Hasnaad: In the Supreme Court of Pakistan itself!


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  1. lol NAB is of a kind.

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