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August 5, 2008

Luddee: Throughout human history, man’s perspective has remained shackled to his immediate environment.

Nadhi: Don’t be so sexist, Luddee. Say “woman’s perspective”.

Luddee: Alright. Throughout human history Woman’s perspective has remained shackled to her environment.

Brother Hasnaad: What?

Luddee: Well, for example, man’s

Nadhi: WOMAN’s!

Luddee: WOMAN’s idea of the origin of woman or even of her own history has been grounded in the geographic locale of her community. Look at the Hindus; all their Ram and Sita and Krishna stuff happened in their country.

Nadhi: Correction: around their MOTHER country.

Luddee: Okay fine! MOTHER COUNTRY!

Brother Hasnaad: What you are trying to say, Luddee jee?

Luddee: Aray bhaee. I’m just saying that for example, woman only makes theories that involve her own land. Her idea of history is bound by her geographic boundaries.

Nadhi: Why is it HIStory? So sexist! Say HERStory or THEIRStory!

Luddee: Oh shut up.

Nadhi: Sorry.

Brother Hasnaad: You mean we make theories based on what awur experience tell us? duhhhh

Luddee: In a way, yes. But here’s the interesting thing; all religions make up stories that involve only their own area. Like, Noah didn’t live in Australia. His ark never went to South America, instead it somehow landed in India, where there are plenty of Muslims. The Jews’ holy land is in their ancestral land. Abraham wasn’t born in Russia or Siberia!

Nadhi: Yes! This makes sense! Like Noah was somehow able to bring a pair of all kinds of animals in “the world” to his ark, all of which lived in walking distance from his village!

Luddee: NOW you’re getting it Nadhooo! Here’s another example: Mormons’ prophet came to America! Hah!

Brother Hasnaad: haha silly Mormons. They should read the Quran, it will make them understand what real sophisticated religion it is.

Luddee: Weren’t you listening? I also gave examples of religious stories involving alleged Muslim prophets.

Brother Hasnaad: Oh I’m not worried about that.

Nadhi: Hain? Why not?

Brother Hasnaad: Because it not apply to Islam, Nadhi baji. Islam overall is not regionalistic like Luddee jee argue. For example, there been over 124,000 prophets of Islam. And they were not all from Middle East, duhhhh.

Nadhi: He has you there, Luddee!

Luddee: No he doesn’t! So where were these prophets from, Brother Hasnaad?

Brother Hasnaad: From all over world! And also, there is the story about Hazrat Aadamh and Bibi Habwa!

Luddee: What about them?

Brother Hasnaad: They were brought down to Earth in Sri Lanka.

Nadhi: KIYA!?

Brother Hasnaad: They even make the building for their honor! I know this is latest historic discovery!

Luddee: Oh PUH-LEEZ! Who says so!?

Brother Hasnaad: The Sri Lankans.


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