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August 26, 2008

Luddee: Hey everyone! Welcome back to Silsila Jahilliya! We have a great episode for you today.

Nadhi: Yahoooo! We have our heroes Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Nawaz Sharif together with us! Say hello!

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Girls girls girls! Please! I am Billoo to you!

Luddee: humph.

Nadhi: ooo.

Nawaz Sharif: Asalaam Alaikum. O jee Billoo, Justices  must be re-instated! What you say?

Bilawal: It’s Bilawal to you, uncle!

Nawaz Sharif: Alright, Bilawal. Re-instate the Justices.

Bilawal: Later, dude. I’m enjoying my democracy right now.

Nadhi: haan. Kaafee democracy ho gayee hay aajkal. Acha lag raha hay, haina Luddee?

Luddee: What the hell is wrong with you people!? What democracy!? Our government is falling apart after the ouster of Musharraf!

Bilawal: My mummy told me democracy is the besssssst revenge and she was right. I love this!

Nawaz: Oye! I did not do this to revenge against that kutay ka pilla! I did this for Pakistan.

Nadhi: Nara-e-Democracy!

Bilawal: Daddy-ho-Akbar!

Nawaz: Astaghfirullah!

Bilawal: Man, you’re a spoilsport!

Luddee: Listen, lunatics, you need to –

Nawaz: Lunatics!!? Bahir nikalo is ko! Exile her right now or I’m leaving!

Bilawal: Don’t disturb me, plump old man. I’m enjoyin’ this democracy thing.

Nadhi: oooo.

Luddee: Bilawal –

Bilawal: Billoo!

Luddee: BILAWAL BHUTTO ZARDARI, what does democracy have to do with revenge!? I was taught that democracy is all about compromise; when you lose the election, you compromise with the party that won by accepting and recognizing their legitimate claim to power.

Nawaz: Hahahahah! And she’s calling us lunatic! hahahah

Bilawal: hahaha

Nadhi: ha ha ha

Luddee: NADHI!

Nadhi: Sorry.

Luddee: So what is democracy for the two of you?

Bilawal: I told you, democracy is the best revenge.

Nawaz: Or put another way, revenge is the best democracy.

Bilawal: Yeah. Samething.


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  1. salman permalink

    rofl!!! Nice.haha!!

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