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August 27, 2008

Luddee: Welcome to the Ramzan special edition of Silsila Jahilliya. We have invited Father Martin to the show, to get an outside-in perspective of our holy month of fasting.

Father Martin: Hello and may God bless you all.

Luddee: May Allah bless you too.

Father Martin: God.

Luddee: Er… yes. Well, as you know, Ramzan is the Muslim holy month of fasting where we don’t eat anything during sunlight, as a testament to our devotion to Allah.. er.. God… and more importantly, it helps us become more empathic to the poor, who often go without food for long periods of time.

Father Martin: Yes I am really impressed by your discipline! I hope we also learn to mimic it.

Luddee: Well, why don’t I come and teach it to your youth congregation? The virtues of fasting are immense and they can benefit from it.

Father Martin: erhmmm no… I mean, these days our young girls are already facing an epidemic of anorexia and bolemia. This is a serious psychological problem facing our children. What’s the use of your Islamic fasting then? It will cause more harm than good!

Luddee: I didn’t think about that…

Father Martin: Clearly not! You see, we just have a different culture and Islam is incompatible with it. Muslims need to realize that.

Luddee: You’re absolutely right. For example, women in our culture dress appropriately, so most of them don’t don’t have that problem.


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