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December 9, 2008

Luddee: Let’s talk about Islam, Muslims and their governance system, Nadhi and Brother Hasnaad.

Brother Hasnaad: Very vell. What you want to know?

Luddee: As you know Muslims accuse the west and the christian world of hating them, and these days Islam is taking a lot of heat and accusations from all kinds of people…

Nadhi: They are Islamophobes and they are propagating lies that Islam spreads violence. We aren’t like that.

Brother Hasnaad: Islam is abut Peece. The very wurd Islam is from salama which means peace/blessings.

Luddee: I agree that you’d have to be a bigot or an ignorant to believe all the negative stuff out there.

Brother Hasnaad: Yes, in fact we are a brotherhood, Luddee jee! We are family!

Nadhi: Why aren’t we a sisterhood!?

Brother Hasnaad: Because I’m a brother, not a girl.

Nadhi: But what about me!? I’m a girl!

Brother Hasnaad: And you are my sister! What’s the problem?

Nadhi: But why call us a brotherhood!???? That’s so sexist!

Luddee: Nadhi… be quiet.

Nadhi: Humph.

Luddee: As I was saying, Islam suffers from a poor reputation…

Brother Hasnaad: And I was saying that Islam is all about love, baji. We are a …

Nadhi: (stink eye to Brother Hasnaad)

Brother Hasnaad: Nadhoo jee take “brother” to mean family. Don’t presume simple meaning, please.

Nadhi: Well, I –

Luddee: (stink eye to Nadhi)

Nadhi: Fine. We’re a brotherhood.

Brother Hasnaad: Bilkul! Exactly. And I am agreeing that Muslims aren’t very nice to their brothers and sisters but that’s not problem with Islam, that’s Muslims not obeying Islam. Come on Luddee baji; Islam is love like brotherhood love for all each other Muslims. Love. k? Love.

Luddee: I agree. Islam is a great religion and it has taught Muslims to be brothers and sisters to each other…

Nadhi: Well, we sisters love too…

Brother Hasnaad: I can’t believe you agree, Luddee! Finally!

Luddee: So why is there so much hatred and violence in Muslim countries?

Brother Hasnaad: Because of our leeders. They is bad bad korrupt mans.

Nadhi: Yeah, have you seen that guy Asif Ali Zardari? He looks like SUCH a slime ball that he makes my living room slick just by being on TV!

Brother Hasnaad: Prime Minister of Pakistan is bad man. Muslim people are good mans.

Luddee: So why not let the people rule?

Brother Hasnaad: Democracy!? That is a Western creation! Yuck!

Luddee: You’re being illogical…

Brother Hasnaad: Logic!? Also a Western creation! Aristotle was a Western agent who created this to ruin Islam! Double YUCK!

Nadhi: So what’s the solution?

Brother Hasnaad: Islam.


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  1. gs_jpr2 permalink

    Can i say welcome back ” towelian”

  2. Salahudin al-Rawandi permalink

    no you can’t say that. 😛 namely because i’m no towelians (towelians don’t exist anymore…) and because this isn’t a towelian website. It’s something completely different.

    many of the towelians made a new group though:

    this blog has nothing to do with that and i don’t plan on bringing anything similar to it.

    but glad to have you here! 😛 read the about “silsila jahilliya” and give me some feedback!

  3. salmanlatif permalink

    Amusing 😀

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