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Promiscuous Teleology

March 4, 2009
Michelangelo - The Creation of Man
Image by Feuillu via Flickr

The New Scientist reports that human beings exhibit “promiscuous teleology”, which is basically a generic, almost subconscious belief in a self-centered purpose of the external world. (This is another thing I refer to here. It’s so refreshing to learn the technical term for concepts I’ve realized.)

Examples of promiscuous teleology are: “Rocks are jagged so animals can scratch themselves” and “Birds exist to make nice music”. Or the kind a skeptical-Christian friend recalled was taught to her at a young age: “Plants are green to make them look pleasant to us.”

This sort of thinking is contrary to science, which is based on skepticism and inherently riviles all anthropocentric or teleological explanations. The New Scientist reports the experiment that shows how scientific education reduces such tendencies, yet education itself fails… and why most people on God’s green Earth are creationists.

It goes further and surprisingly reveals that even strong Atheists and scientists make those mistakes – which is what I’ve also criticized here. Now I wish God read this too, because I wrote it for her.

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