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March 10, 2009
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 15:  Playboy model K...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Luddee: The problem with the Muslim world is that there is very little freedom. Let alone the government, the society is so oppressive! And our guest today, Playboy playmate Kendra is here to talk about that!

Nadhi: Wow Kendra you’re so fit and in shape! You look like you’re a size zero!

Kendra: Thank you Luddee and Nadhi, for having me on the show. And yes, I try to stay in shape.

Luddee: So tell us what freedom is.

Kendra: Freedom is the right of self-determination, about how you look, talk and express yourself.

Nadhi: Can you be more specific?

Kendra: Well for example, I can walk straight down to the nudist beach and proudly declare ‘I want the sun to shine on my vagina!’ and that would be okay.

Nadhi: And that’s freedom?

Kendra: Yes.

Luddee: And that’s why you choose to look so frail? So that you can look good nude?

Kendra: I am not frail! I am strong!

Luddee: But you don’t seem to have good musculature. In fact you seem underweight.

Kendra: Having more muscles is good for men, but in our society, we want to see beautiful women!

Luddee: I guess that’s called “being yourself”.

Kendra: Absolutely. And if you want to defend yourself, just learn karate, carry pepper spray, a taser or even a gun!

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