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Egocentric parochialism

March 29, 2009

So I was watching a part of melkane’s fantastic science videos collection and I came across a scene where that Michiko guy (some expert japanese professor who seems to be in all cosmology documentaries, along with the goof-ball looking guy) says that time travel may be possible for an “advanced civilization that is perhaps millions of years ahead of us…”

From that, the narrator extrapolates: “This may mean we can change our past” – and then the scene cuts to Hitler!

WHY would creatures millions of years ahead of us ever care about the problems and issues we care about now!? And why show Hitler, of all the issues in the history of mankind??

The answer to the latter is that the owner of the History Channel (whose documentary this is) is Jewish. :/

And the answer to the former? Humans are egocentric and ignorant things that are very slow on the uptake.


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  1. anonymous coward permalink

    good blog!! i can relate to most posts here, wow,its like ive changed so much lately

  2. Salahudin al-Rawandi permalink

    🙂 thank you. I think I know who you are.

    Why would you call yourself an anonymous coward, Tehroo?

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