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Applying Platonic philosophy to the post-modern world

April 29, 2009

As I have mentioned earlier, promiscuous teleology is pervasive and contagious… but it is the product of our primitive intellect, which is in itself a product of our biology.

Here’s a blog post I came across that explains further and gives excellent examples of how we make that same mistake, even being conscious of it, in our every day lives:

“… many features of organisms are teleological, a bird’s wings are for flying; eyes are for seeing …” (Ayala, 2004:65).

“A rock may not have a purpose but an eye does. Eyes and hands do not just happen for no reason” (Ruse, 2003:33).

Teleology, according to Heads, seems to be embraced by some philosophers of biology:

“… a vitally important tool for looking into the organic world” (Ruse, 2002: 47).

The problem of teleology is rampant in systematics and biogeography, with few opposing it


As according to Socrates in Meno – we must unlearn what we “know”. But this time around (in this era) it’s not individual enlightenment that is sought or needed, but specie-wide evolution of intellectual constructs.


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