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New telescopes being prepared to detect alien life

May 16, 2009

SIGNS of life on planets beyond our own solar system may soon be in our sights. Experiments and calculations presented at an astrobiology meeting last week reveal how the coming generation of space telescopes will for the first time be capable of detecting “biosignatures” in the light from planets orbiting other stars.


This can happen within our life time. Quite early infact, as one of the telescopes is set to launch in 2020.

That’s just 10.5 years from now, folks! The discovery of life on other planets will be shocking and many people will remain skeptical because the telescopes will not bring back actual pictures of aliens, but signs of oxygen and photosynthesis. Those in the religious community, especially, will go to fantastic lenghts to explain this because, as you know, religion simply must explain everything or it’s ALL FALSE (that’s what most religious people think like).

The liberal arts fields will launch into a romanticized notion of life and Hollywood, perhaps even Bollywood, will be inspired to rip more people off. But on the whole, after the shock, it will become a common and insignificant fact for most people, just as the theory of gravity is “nothing special” to most of them.

The only everlasting impact will be the controversy it creates in religious discourse… because religion has the most difficulty with change, especially with such radical revolutions of humanity’s outlook. In this case, humanity’s outlook will go from being a “world-perspective” to a “universe-perspective” and that will be the greatest and most significant change in human history since we gained consciousness.


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  1. anonymous coward permalink

    I doubt movies etc would be made about alien germs and bacteria or if we get lucky, alien animals. thinking that using all our current advances in technology will enable us to be the ones to discover an extraterrestrial intelligence, thats just plain dumb and again, anthoropoligising the issue. if anyone thinks slightly further about it, its the hope that if we do detect an ET civilisation it will be at the same level in science, cognition etc, as us. or atleast around the same age group. the odds of that happening, of 2 species evolving at different places will be the same age!! before we searched for radio waves, then some other waves and this and that, and we (SETI -_-) kept saying, ohhh look. we just made this new technology, now we can find alien life using it!

    check out open seti i think you might like it. its a refreshing alternative to the stale mainstream scientific theories about the possibility of aliens existing and our finding them, other ways in which we can look.

  2. anonymous coward permalink

    and if some of that sites views (though it always claims to be only thinking out loud, not pushing any idea into anyones head, obejctive etc) put u off, just read this

  3. Salahudin al-Rawandi permalink

    Well I think that the telescopes are intended to be used to detect life, not necessarily detecting it though.

    I like the site you gave. It’s huge though… and will take me some time to sift through it. Thanks!

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