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Trends: Resurgency of evolution in multiple fields

May 30, 2009

There I was, slightly sulking at the fact that memetic theory was dead even before I adopted its world view, feeling a little embarrassed to be behind the intellectual trends of science… when I discovered and adopted evolutionary psychology. It was all the rage and I could see why. But now I’m pleased to know I’m on the cutting edge because this trend (evolutionary theory) is undergoing a “new wave” – a big push in several scientific fields.

May of Darwinian Wave: Darwinian chemistry, Darwinian biophysics and Darwinian fossil

Just in one month three papers, all of them exploring implications of Darwinian evolution in different areas. Suddenly there is a big blow of Darwinian fundamentalism and not to mention even Darwinian fundamentalist are suprised with this very latest development.


On a side note: I’m not sure how he’s using the word “fundamentalist” here – is it an adjective type inflection, made to project its pop-culture connotations on to those who believe in it,  or is it a literal descriptor, which implies adherence or even advocacy of the premises of the theory of evolution?

The latter would be a redundant and even absurd “accusation” to make since there are no proponents of the theory of evolution who do not accept its premises! So why the redundant descriptor? I suspect the author of the above post implied the former… and I’m left wondering what he/she has against the theory of evolution or its proponents? Has the prevailing “Christian culture” and its discourse created a linguistic or even psychological bias in the author?

Opposition to the theory of evolution is illogical, at least to my knowledge, so the author could not have a reasonable argument against it. Therefore I am left to conclude that the author is biased.

Analyzing my analysis: I immediately formed this opinion of the author, upon reading his post. But to logically derive the same conclusion took a long time (waste of my time, really), but that offers fascinating insight into the human mind, doesn’t it? I don’t really know how I came to that conclusion automatically, until I articulated it. That means my subconscience is able to process and provide “opinions” in the blink of an eye… and that also means my opinion may not be based on logic at all, because for all I know, I could have arrived at that opinion due to my own bias and perhaps self-identification as a proponent of the theory of evolution. It could just be as petty as that… or the human brain could be as brilliant and fast as performing all those logical operations in less than the blink of an eye.

I’m still a jahil and I have a suspicion I am one in more ways than I know.


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