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March 10, 2010

Luddee: Welcome back! This is Luddee and Nadhi, and today’s guest is Ms.Dominatrix. She is here to talk about issues of the modern feminist, as she recently did with NPR. She used to be a sex worker, playing out sexual fantasies where she domineered over men.

Nadhi: But she quit that job citing conflicts with her feminist philosophy. Ms.Dominatrix, please tell us what conflicts those were.

Ms.Dominatrix: Thank you for the kind introduction. You see, when I first started as a dominatrix, I felt that it was the ultimate feminist ideal; I was doing the kinds of things to men that they liked doing to my kind and what’s more, I felt sexy while being in charge. But then I realized I was humiliating myself more than I was humiliating them. I was, in the end, doing what they wanted me to do. It was still their fantasy.

Luddee: I suppose from that perspective, it was their fantasy. But from your own perspective, it was your fantasy as well. Why abandon your own perspective and adopt theirs? Isn’t that looking at the situation from their perspective, thereby making them the dominant one?

Ms.Dominatrix: No no no… I figured them out. They don’t want me to stop playing a part in their fantasy, and I was able to figure this out using my innate female insight that we are all blessed with!

Luddee: And using what makes you uniquely female, you deprived men of their satisfaction?

Ms.Dominatrix: Precisely!

Nadhi: YAYYYY victory for feminism! In fact, that reminds me of this one time when I was driving and I hit this man trying to cross the road. At first, I was so upset but then I used my female insight just like you and figured out that the man just wanted me to be upset… so I stopped being his slave too!


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  1. Mr. Tambourine Man permalink

    lol. Scathing.

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