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May 5, 2010

Luddee: We’ve got Geert Wilders with us today, here to talk about his love  of Muslims.

Geert Wilders: Ja! “Luve of Muzlims” ees right, because I don’t hate ze people… I only hate ze idea zat drives ze basturdz; Izlam.

Luddee: How intellectual.

Nadhi: So why do you hate Islam?

Geert Wilders: zere is something about zat ideology zat makes zem violent!

Nadhi: But most Muslims are not violent!

Geert Wilders: zen why are most terrorists Muslims? I’ll tell you why; it ees becauze terrorists are attracteed to violent ideologies like Izlam.

Luddee: Yes… yes I see your point. In fact here’s another thing; terrorists are mostly males.

Nadhi: *looks suspiciously at Geert*

Geert Wilders: But zat is ridiculous. You do not chooz to be male! Izlam is a choice. Zay are reesponsible for zis.

Nadhi: *relaxes*

Luddee: And males choose to be terrorists.

Nadhi: *looks suspiciously at Geert again*

Geert Wilders: But most males do not make zat choi… oh.


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