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About Silsila Jahilliya

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adams

And why was it a bad move? Because atoms bonded together to eventually form “complex objects” that functioned on the rather arbitrary rule of self-replication. This started The Malicious War of Self-Replication (also known as “Life”). The idiocy of this War is highlighted by the fact that none of these objects guide their arms race (or “evolution” as they call it) with reason or rationality. All advances in their arms race are random mutations – which is the equivalent of waiting for an acorn to drop from a tree, instead of retrieving it by hand.

Hence the most advanced creature Earth accidentally came up with was merely a meta-cognitive able creature; the Homosapien. Interestingly enough, one homosapien group argues that evolution is directed by an immortal ever living creature, and the other argues that it is not directed… but amusingly, neither suggests that they ought to direct it themselves – to go retrieve the acorn by hand! But it gets sillier – the homosapien also has an unparalleled self-obsession that could not have arisen but-for wilful navel-gazing. For example, most of the members of the specie have a very strange and simplistic understanding of their origin. It’s something about a single couple procreating incestuous children. But the fact is that these “things” – the first Homosapeins who had to have numbered at 16 couples to provide any hope of genetic diversity – at some point began surveying their environment and speculating on its use and functionality with themselves as the measure.

That is, they became significantly self aware like no other creature on insignificant Earth. This quirky and disgusting trait developed when the Homosapien migrated to what they now call “South Africa”. Here, they deprived aqua-dwelling creatures from participating in The War by devouring and ingesting them in their intestinal tract. Luckily for homosapiens, the aqua-dwelling creatures contained significantly large amounts of Omega-3s. This chemical mutated homosapiens, giving them abstract thought which formed the basis of their egocentrism.

“Man is the measure of all things”, their literature states (and in so doing strangely alienates about one half of its members!). In any case, their egotism became their natural mode of thinking and their progeny lost awareness of other modes that their ancestors favored – primitive, instinctual reactiveness in which the ability to conceptualize finite existence, tools and property was definitively absent. Homosapiens developed these fundamental concepts in to ideology, technology, and economy. In other words, these creatures started saying things like “How do you like them apples!?” and “Only I know how to grow them!” and “They are my apples!”. These were the first true, complete and utter Homosapiens. All “progress” made since then is really just a remix of those concepts. But that didn’t stop them from becoming more “sophisticated”.

For example, out of ideology they created philosophy, religion and other purely abstract but complex social constructs; out of technology they created engineering and functional know-how; and out of economy they produced resource allocation and distribution systems. These proved useful in organizing their War. Culture, tradition, art, even humor give them a survival edge by creating arbitrary but useful notions of self/group identity and relationships. Eg: being born within an invisible boundary holds meaning for these creatures, as they use it to differentiate themselves from those born outside those boundaries! Even though there is virtually no genetic difference between those inside or outside these fictitious lines, the distinction is so pervasive that actual legal rights are based on invisible boundaries! All the Homosapiens within these boundaries shamelessly participate in this charade, in this grandiose lie, almost like a mass-scale theater production. What’s more, they celebrate the day they all decided to pretend these boundaries exist! Cats are merely territorial, but Homosapiens? They are “rational nationals”.

As for religions; these create social hierarchies, which either place its member(s) as pivots in its power structure(s), or design rules and principles as pivots that define a system of power and authority. This type of social construct provides a basis for inter-personal interaction, giving each member substantial chances to establish cooperative relationships and in some cases even a form of social mobility. This has become the foundation of Homosapien society and the fact that ordered power structures give them a survival edge over other life forms, say such as fish, makes them very proud of themselves.

Political-economic theories like their so-called Liberalism or even their laughably self-aggrandizing Marxism are no different. For example, aside from organizing economic and even interpersonal interaction, liberalism’s emphasis on cooperation is extremely advantageous (and this materialistic advantage is ironically asserted by many “liberals” who claim to be above that sort of thing). In other words, all such theories provide a system of interaction, much the way religion functions. Granted that the objective and fundamental perspective of economic theories is different from religion’s, they both provide social structures that organize a cattle of Homosapiens in to a coherent “orderly” society.

What it all boils down to is this; lions may call on their entire prides to help them fight others, but here again the Homosapien is far superior; it uses these political-economic theories to expand the numbers of its allies in to the millions. The Homosapien’s perspective of this devastating ability to threaten and destroy other life forms is strangely twisted; it interprets it as “noble loyalty” or “inspirational dedication to the cause” or some such ludicrous self-praising world view.

In fact this odd egocentrism is also displayed in other aspects of its life; what belongs to who, what is the “virtue” of human beings – the answer to these is always sought in terms of their “responsibilities” and “duties”. These terms carry the inherent assumption that “man” is in control of, is superior to and has authority over “his” environment. Furthermore, most members of the species feel that they are highly introspective, self critical, rational and reasonable, when in fact their so-called “higher reasoning” skill, as expressed in “choosing” political ideologies is predisposed by their physiology. Literally. Yet homosapien narratives across the world continue to lack this realization. On the contrary, their “thorough” examination of their nature has convinced them that the very word “Humanity” is to be associated with countless positives.

The current state of affairs is that the species is full of ill-advised confidence in its survivability and is likely to face great geophysical calamities because that is the nature of every planet’s evolution. For example; cosmic catastrophes, periodic ice ages, and other alien life forms that view cross-specie rape as just “surprise greetings”, etc. In other words the Homosapien, like its universities’ squirrel, has become lost in preponderance with its own life and has taken its safe and dull existence for granted.

There are a few exceptions: Douglas Adams, a Homosapien writer, created a species in Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that never looked up. Their perspective was two dimensional in nature. Not a single one of them ever thought of using its neck muscles to look straight up. While many Homosapiens find this idiotic character trait a real knee-slapper, Douglas Adams was clearly giving them a message, despite knowing that being unable to “see the forest for the wood” is a Homosapien trait. In any case, it is a foregone conclusion that humanity needs to snatch itself away from the lazy, utopian bliss that comes with waiting for the next acorn to drop and instead arm itself via whatever rational thought and reason it can muster, however vain the effort. For example, it needs to start looking up now, towards space; how to escape the inevitable death of its precious Earth and what the implications are of space exploration and its limitless resources. Or to write it in their narrative – what will they do once the linchpin of neo-libertarian economic theory is rendered moot (no more limited resources)?

If humanity achieves such enlightenment, it will cause a fundamental revolution in its literature, art, social structure and politics. It could also alter humanity’s discourse the way previous philosophical and technological advances did (eg; the agricultural, industrial, atomic and information technology revolutions). In fact the impact would probably be greater, considering that humanity’s previous experience with abstract thought has been exclusively based on its interaction with its terrestrial environment and local problems. Focusing such attention to its relationship with the rest of the universe will bring a radical change, especially because it will shatter its delusion that it is “significant” to the universe in any way, shape or form.

Yes, humans believe they are superior, even to the universe; most of them believe no intelligent life other than themselves exists because they haven’t seen, touched, heard, smelled or “felt” that there is anything like them out there. They have not launched a serious effort to explore space, yet “superiority” remains a pervasive axiom across their invisible boundaries. It is as if Homosapiens function on the fantastic assumption that if anything exists and is important, it will present itself to them – the acorn will fall and will fall in to their laps. This is prominently evident in most of their movies about extraterrestrial life forms – aliens visit their precious planet to either conquer it, take its resources or enslave its population! (Douglas Adams being an exception.)

Until humanity re-awakens itself to the reality of how fragile and insignificant its place truly is in the “world”, it will remain vulnerable, ignorant and proud of its dominance over poultry and other terrestrial “resources”. Amusingly, its saga of ignorance will one day abruptly end the way a low budget kung-fu movie does… and has before for Earth’s extinct specie.

I call their story Silsila Jahilliya (the saga of ignorance).

  1. Crabb permalink

    I do like the silsilas. 🙂

  2. Psychedelic permalink

    Loved the “Discrimination” column. Good effort, keep it up! =)

  3. Psychedelic permalink

    Ooops, I intended to refer to “Prejudice”.

  4. Whirling Egoist permalink

    Great effort, i will see silsila jahalia as inheritance of jahalt…which has been quiet abundant in the muslim world.

  5. Roger permalink

    “In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”
    interesting that even the great Douglas Adams speaks of the universe being created rather than just happening or being.

    • Glad you noticed that he uses the narrative he is satirizing. That’s a start.

  6. Detox permalink

    Any material testable evidence to anything you say?

    • But to claim to have evidence is to commit the mistake of scientists and other schizophrenics – that there is an objective reality and *I* have proof of it! I’m not so stupid. Thank you. 😛

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