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April 23, 2010

Luddee: Mr. Muhammad, you’re an engineer and a Pakistani immigrant to the U.S. You have been living there for a couple of years, so please tell us; has your opinion of Pakistan, Pakistani politics or even of Pakistanis changed?

Mr.Muhammad: With pleasure. I actually do have a problem with my fellow Pakistanis; they’re always blaming the U.S for bomb blasts and sectarian violence in Pakistan. It’s ridiculous.

Luddee: That’s a very reasonable point of view.

Nadhi: I’m not sure I agree.

Mr.Muhammad: Nadhi, I live with Americans. I work with Americans. I would even say that Americans are my friends. Therefore, I know their character; they are more interested in business than in destruction… and Pakistan does not have oil, so why blame the U.S for all that?

Nadhi: Well…

Mr.Muhammad: And let’s not forget that America is half way across the world!

Luddee: What does that have to do wi-

Mr.Muhammad: They should blame a country closer by; INDIA!

Luddee: Ah.

Mr.Muhammad: and we do have reasons to blame India.

Luddee: Oh, good… justification as well.

Nadhi: It’s the icing on the cake.


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